Department of Music Alumni Concert

1 South Ave
Garden City, New York 11530

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Adelphi University’s Performing Arts Center, the Department of Music has invited more than 20 accomplished alums, all of whom have previously performed on the stages of the Adelphi PAC. Featuring representatives from every class of the past ten years, our alums will offer an exciting concert of classical repertoire, Broadway favorites, and jazz highlights. Accompanying them will be Professor Kristin Samadi, herself a graduate of Adelphi University (’06).

Alumni Performers (scheduled to appear):
Jeanna Campo (’08 Voice), LuAnna Lasso (’08 Voice), Linda Peralte (’09 Voice), Thomas Blake (’10 Trumpet), Marybeth Weiss (’11 Trumpet), Taylor Ackley (’12 Voice), Matthew Bosch (’12 Piano), Skyla Budd (’13 Harp), Daniel Moreno (’13 Guitar), Elizabeth Tasch (’13 Voice), Heather Barnes (’14 Voice), Brandon Dove (’14 Jazz Guitar), Richard Tarantola (’14 Saxophone), Kimberly Garzon (’15 Voice), Philip Lauto (’15 Flute), Andrea Levinsky (’15 Voice), Errol Rougier (’15 Percussion), Alissa-Mae DeGuzman (’16 Voice), Ani Djirdjirian (’16 Voice), Michael Gayle (’16 Voice), Devin Hasenflue (’16 Percussion), Shayne Plunkett (’16 Jazz Bass), and Erica Mumford (’17 Flute)