Doing Business Mindfully in 2018 and beyond

90 School Street
Glen Cove, New York 11542

The beginning of 2018 provides us, as women business owners and leaders, with the opportunity to mindfully re-focus our efforts so that we may bring forward clarity around our thoughts, ideas and businesses. This, in turn can help us to expand and grow in a much more public and profitable way.

When we tune inward and get clear on what our business and life’s mission is, we have the opportunity to experience more joy and subsequently more success. Mindfulness in business is not a new concept, but many people still think of mindfulness as it relates to health and wellness. Tonight we will have the opportunity to learn how to incorporate a regular, simple practice of mindfulness in all that we do so that we can apply it to not only our health but also our business development.

This evening we will be treated to a mindfulness meditation by Stefanie Lipsey of Lumi4Life. She’ll give us practical tools and simple techniques that will allow us to practice mindfulness on a daily basis, which can help us to tune in to our inner wisdom to be used to our business advantage. We will also have the opportunity to meet new people that may help us to acheive our goals or introduce us to an even wider network of businesses in Long Island and beyond.

We’re looking forward to meeting you and learning more about you and your business at this incredible networking event at the gorgeous Meritage Wine Bar in Glen Cove.