Elliot Gordon at the Lucille Khornak Gallery

77 Jobs Ln
Southampton, New York 11968
(212) 274-8993


Opening reception, August 1, 6:00 p.m – 8 p.m
Intriguing perspectives joined with harmonies of color and form, stimulate a sense of wonder and exude a whimsical sexiness. These works of art take the viewer to another realm, and back again. Elliot Gordon is a post-post modern impressionist and his paintings always come with vivid colors and challenge our concept of reality.
In August he will exhibit these paintings at the Lucille Khornak Gallery. ‘I want my paintings to stimulate thoughts and feelings that take us beyond the four corners of the canvas and then bring us back’, says Elliot. His paintings can be thought of as metaphors for life in the 21st century. This exhibition will be available to the public starting August 1st through August 15th.