Exploration of the Soul’s Calling

218 Broadway
Bethpage, New York 11714


In this workshop, you will:
-Learn the importance of connecting to both your body and your soul so you never have to worry about making an important decision or fear you are not doing something right
-Explore how to communicate with your soul. Yes, you can do this! When you do, you might get some answers like what you are truly meant to be doing in life and what career you were born to have.
-Create the first steps towards your soul’s expression

This workshop is for you if you:
-Are sick and tired of your job and don’t want to go in to work the next morning
-Have so much to say and share with your community about what you’re doing, but you’re scared and confused about how to talk about it.
-Exhausted from feeling confused about what to do to get out of a slump

You could continue to live with the negative thoughts or you could come learn a new way of thinking that will have you smiling and succeeding like never before!

Space is limited. Pre-registration required. Reserve a spot today!