Film: Nowhere in Africa

25 Jobs Lane
Southampton, New York 11968

Presented with Hamptons International Film Festival, 25 Years: 25 Films

A World War II film of a different kind, Nowhere in Africa follows the lives of the Redlich family; Walter, Jettel and Regina, as they escape to Kenya during the rise of the Nazi party in Germany. It’s not long, however, before the realities of home reach their doorstep as Britain goes to war against the Nazis and takes all Germans in Kenya as POW’s. While it is nothing compared to the concentration camps of their homeland, the POW camp they find themselves in is nonetheless a prison, so Jettel uses her influence to get the family released to work on an English farm. After almost ten years in Kenya, after the war has ended, the Redlich family has to make the difficult decision between returning home to Germany Walter, Jettel, and Regina have made a new home for themselves,they must decide between returning to their former homeland and staying in the country they have grown to love.

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