FREE Family Open House

282 New York Avenue
Huntington, New York 11743

If you and your family are new to meditation and wish to find out what it is all about, don’t miss this free open house opportunity for the entire family. Three classes will be held simultaneously for:

Children (ages 6-12)
Teens (13-18)
Parents and Adults of any age
Each class will be led by an experienced meditation teacher who will start with a welcome and some basic instruction for how to begin meditating. The class will then engage together in a guided, relaxation and breathing meditation. The children’s class will include a fun activity, while the teens and adults classes will allow time for questions and answers.

The benefits of meditation for kids and teens are endless, and these benefits apply to parents as well! Through the practice of meditation, we learn to:

Deal with stress
Overcome anxiety
Reduce distractions
Cultivate positive mental attitudes
Experience higher levels of self-confidence and self-worth