FREE workshop for all dance and fitness lovers

252 W. Old Country Road
Hicksville, New York 11801

Witness the biggest, longest and the most exciting open house dance and fitness workshop in New York on August 24th, 2015.

BollyArts brings you an opportunity to get started with all the basics of Bollywood dancing, Bhangra, Indian Classical dance styles, and Hip-Hop. Learn how dance fitness including Bollywood fitness and Zumba can keep you fit and healthy without having to hit the gym hard.

A week long open house workshop includes basic guidance to the following dance and fitness programs:

Bollywood fitness
And Zumba.

Our highly trained and qualified team of dance and fitness instructors include Zol, Marjorie, Anil, Elena, Kavya, and Nik Sadhnani.

Come and be a part of this amazing, limited time and unique open house dance and fitness workshop brought to by BollyArts.

Visit our website now and fill out the form with you name, email and your area of interest.
Hurry up, limited spots!