Korean white scarf dance performance for Global Water Dances June 20, 2015

175 West Shore Road
Port Washington, New York 10050


살풀이 춤 Korean white scarf dance performance for Global Water Dances June 20, 2015




STYLE: Korean Traditional Dance

DANCE: 살풀이 춤 Salpuri-chum (Korean Intangible Cultural Asset No.97) (Reconstruction)

MUSIC: 시나위 Sinawi

ARTIST: Karen Kriegel – World Dance Initiative: Cheol Baek Jo Korean Dance


Join us on

Saturday, June 20 5:30-6:30PM

Town of North Hempstead Beach Park 175 West Shore Road, Port Washington.

On June 20, over seventy communities across six continents will assemble and dance – revering, renewing, and inspiring solutions for our precious resource of water.

Dances begin in the Pacific Rim and roll westward through the time zones. Sydney, Savar (Bangladesh), Tel Aviv, Cairo, Athens, Gburma (Ghana), Warsaw, Berlin, Buenos Aires, New York, Bogota, Lima, Mexico City…just a few of the cities participating in the 2015 event. You can visit the website to see the dances.

visit http://www.globalwaterdances.org.

Organized by Sharon Epstein in Long Island

Our Dancers: Mala Desai, Sharon Epstein, Adina Feldman, Tara Feldman, Julia Prager-Hessel, Karen Kriegel, Shana Litt, Karen Siegel, Dafna Soltes-Stein, Elena Sundick.

Our Drummer: Sara Shonfeld.

Our Videographer: Paul Sundick.

Solo Artists will perform:

Odissi Classical Indian Dance,

Salpuri-chum Korean Traditional Dance,

Original interpretation of The Swan from Camille Saint-Saens, Carnival of the Animals.