Nourish the Heart Silent Retreat

282 New York Ave
Huntington, New York 11743

Draw Closer to Love

Have you ever wondered what it would be like not to talk and just be silent for a period of time? Don’t think it’s possible? Challenge yourself to discover the real freedom to be found in a calm and quiet mind. Escape the busyness of daily life and experience a short meditation retreat where everyone observes the practice of silence for a day in order to enhance focus and insight, and to gain a deep level of relaxation. This is an introductory silent retreat. The day will include an introduction to meditation and silent retreat, three guided meditation sessions on the healing power of cherishing others and how to develop a kind and patient attitude toward others, followed by a conclusion and discussion at the end. With regular practice, these meditations increase our love and compassion for others, nourish and protect our own heart, and energize us to benefit others.

For this retreat, you must plan to attend for the whole day. This retreat requires advance registration, so we can prepare enough food and cushions for the day.

Cost: $25 includes vegetarian lunch / $5 for supporting members