Premiere of “Death Lives” at North Fork TV Festival

211 Front St
Greenport, New York 11944

The new comedy series Death Lives has just announced its New York pilot premiere at the 2017 North Fork TV Festival, which runs September 7-9 in Greenport, New York. The pilot was written by Erick Hellwig and Chris Aurilio, stars Hellwig as Death and is directed by Aurilio. The series follows the Grim Reaper, Death, after he quits his job and decides to become a normal human living in New York City. The New York premiere of the series pilot is on Saturday, September 9 at 11:30am at Greenport Theater in Greenport, NY.

More about the pilot: Beaten down by the horrors of reaping, Death tells his father (God) that he quits. After a pep talk from mom (Mother Nature), he takes in NYC, joins an improv class and meets a girl — all to mixed results. His reaping replacement (a divorced father of two) and mercurial brother (Cupid) add to the confusion, and Death spends his first days of humanity wondering if he made the right choice.