[PubSci] Exploring the Universe with BNL

201 Main St
Port Jefferson, New York 11777


+ Drinks
= Chemistry with Brookhaven National Lab @ Brewology295

No doctorate is necessary for this event, it’s just a night out in your average pub—with a few world-class scientists stirred in.
PubSci lets you chat with expert scientists over a drink while exploring the casual side of cutting-edge research and discovery happening every day at BNL.
This series hops around Long Island and is making a stop at our very own chemistry themed pub for a night of inquisition, explanation and stargazing with speaker(s) Rebecca Coles, Paul O’Connor & Anźe Slosar.

A concentration on the Mysterious Invisible Forces Rippling through the Cosmos of the Universe (not the pink drink kind) and talks of why the universe is expanding faster will have you starring in your own episode Big Bang Theory, if only for a night.

More info can be found on BNL’s event page: https://www.bnl.gov/pubsci/

This event is Free and seating is on a first come, first served basis. Food and drink are available from our dinner & pub menu’s.