Red Cry: Lakota Documentary Free Screening

150 Holbrook Road S
Holbrook, New York 11741

Please join members of the Lakota Solidarity Project for a FREE screening of the Lakota documentary Red Cry! Learn how you can get involved with the Independent Lakota Nation’s movement to ensure the survival of their people and lifeway!

Red Cry was filmed on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in 2012 and 2013 by the Strong Heart Lakota Solidarity Project in association with grassroots Oglala Lakota elders and warriors. This ground-breaking documentary chronicles the lives and resistance of traditional Lakota Oyate (people) in the face of the historic and ongoing genocide by the United States Government and corporate interests. The contents of this film sparked the first ever visit by the United Nations to meet with the traditional grassroots people on Pine Ridge. An update on the current situation and how you can get involved will follow the film.