90 North Country Road
Setauket, New York 11733

Exhibit Dates: Friday, Feb. 23-Friday, March 16, 2018

Gallery North is pleased to present Rumination, the culmination of the work of three artists, who have collaborated with one another for several years. They began as students at Stony Brook University, continue as friends and colleagues, and immerse themselves in the fields of art, science, and psychology. Their collective works deal with themes of environmental and mental health, and how important it is for these issues to be at the forefront of public awareness.

The focus of this exhibition explores a connection between the treatment of our planet and the treatment of ourselves physically and mentally. Ideas include issues of overfishing, coral bleaching, pollution, depression, anxiety, and communication. Becoming versed in conceptual and formal abstraction in sculpture, drawing, printmaking, and painting has led these artists to create works that emote a specific theme while remaining open to viewer interpretation.

After graduation, these artists found themselves together at Gallery North, where they have further developed skills in printmaking, papermaking, teaching, and gallery installation.

Each of these artists is preparing for future graduate studies.