Socrates Cafe

55 Vanderbilt Parkway
Dix Hills, New York 11746

2:30PM -5:30PM
Exchange ideas in this monthly discussion group based on the socratic practice of questioning. Based on the work of Christopher Phillips, author and co-founder of The Society for Philosophical Inquiry, Socrates Café groups are gatherings that meet all over the world in which people from different backgrounds get together and exchange thoughtful ideas and experiences while embracing the central theme of Socratizing—the idea that we learn more when we question, particularly when we do so with others. Prior to the first meeting a list of potential questions will be sent to each participant. At the first meeting, participants will select the question to be examined. From then on, participants will suggest and select questions at the end of each meeting for future meetings. To learn more about Socrates Café go to Socrates_Cafe.html. Free registration begins 10/1.