A Special Evening with Naturalist and Sculptor, George Bumann

Hallockville Museum Farm invites you to a very special evening with renowned naturalist and professional sculptor, George Bumann. George Bumann (rhymes with ‘human’) is a professional sculptor living with his wife, young son and two black labradors at Yellowstone Park’s northern entrance in Gardiner, Montana. George has been a life-long observer of nature and was raised in his mother’s New York sculpture studio. He holds both Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Wildlife Ecology.

George will be joining us for a special evening at Martha Clara Vineyards to talk about his art, life and the natural world. This evening is made possible by the generous support of Avalon Park and Preserve and Martha Clara Vineyards. To learn more about George, please visit his website: www.georgebumann.com, check out his amazing TED Talk and his short film on art & wild places.