Table Talk with Robert Serbain: Selling for Introverts

158 Main Street
East Hampton, New York 11937

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2016 | 11am-12:30pm

Do you dread the prospect of selling anything to anyone? Do you get anxious just thinking about making a cold call or a sales presentation? Like any skill, selling can be learned. This talk helps attendees develop selling skills in a methodical, step-by-step process that, with practice, becomes a conditioned reflex. Feedback is immediate, constructive and empathetic. At the end attendees will be better at selling. Mr. Serabin is the author of How to Conquer Your Fear of Selling and Close That Deal. Meet, mingle, munch and learn while enjoying refreshments generously provided by TBA and coffee by StarbucksĀ®.

FREE Admission

Boots Lamb Education Center at Guild Hall, 158 Main Street, East Hampton, New York 11937, 631.324.0806,