“There was a Little Girl” Book Signing by Brooke Shields

4 Bay Street
Sag Harbor, New York 11963

New York Times bestselling author Brooke Shields paints a poignant, heartwarming and brutally honest portrait of her mother, and reflects on how their fraught but loving relationship influences the way she experiences motherhood herself.
An acclaimed actress and model, Brooke entered the spotlight at the age of 11 months and never left it, thanks in large part to her manager and mother, Teri Shields, who became a media magnet almost as well-known as her daughter. Brooke and Teri’s relationship was surrounded by controversy and criticism from Brooke’s early years as a child model and actress, through college and adulthood. When Teri passed away in 2012 the press reflected on her life by printing negative anecdotes and quotes taken out of context, and Brooke knew she had to set the record straight, in her own words.