Universal Language of Peace-Interfaith Event

1 High St.
Port Jefferson , New York 11777


In today’s world, faith and religion has become more synonymous with hatred and violence than with the core principles they are founded on- love and peace.
The many different faiths and religious beliefs, that have unfortunately become a topic that divides us, are far more similar than they are different. Our ability to embrace our own beliefs while at the same time accepting the beliefs of others is needed to help create peace- peace in ourselves, our communities and our world.
This event will allow the audience to hear how different faith traditions view the attainment of peace and better understand the common threads that run through each faith. Speakers will discuss inner peace, peace in our communities and world peace. There will be a question and answer section following the speakers to allow for open dialogue.
Speakers Include:
Dr. Yousef Syed, Islamic Association of Long Island
Chandrasehkar Vellur, Hindu Temple Society of North America
Sister Heather Ganz, Sisters of Saint Joseph
Gurmeet Sodhi, The Sikh Coalition
David Hoffner, Dipamkara Buddhist Center
Rev. John Zenkewich, Unity Church Long Island