Read Your February 2016 Stars

Even if planets of wealth aren’t in your second house of money, the cosmos may still have some luxurious plans for you this month.

  • Aquarius

    Jan 20—Feb 18

    Aquarians believe “’tis better to give than to receive,” but the Sun hereby grants water bearers permission to be selfish. The planet lights up the 5th house of pleasure and leisure, pushing for indulgence. Go ahead and make a purchase that would otherwise seem extravagant.

  • Aries

    March 21—April 19

    Uranus acts as a wakeup call to Aries, opening their eyes to necessary transformation. Instead of hitting snooze, embrace change. Saying yes to new responsibilities at work on the 17th will result in rams waking up to something better than an alarm—like a possible promotion.

  • Cancer

    June 21—July 22

    Much like a Rubik’s Cube, Cancers are quite difficult to figure out. The complex sign is full of contradictions and Jupiter can bring much-needed clarity. Wait until the planet enters on the 6th to officially make that tricky financial decision.

  • Capricorn

    Dec 22—Jan 19

    Pluto is investing a whopping 15- 16 years in Capricorn so that their lives will be dramatically different by 2024. For some instant gratification, the dwarf planet suggests a mini- makeover. Rock some bangs, try a pop of color and brace for the compliments.

  • Gemini

    May 21—June 20

    Mercury delights in messing up lines of communication, but it gives Gems a clear signal this month. On the 22nd, speak up to a combative friend when staying silent would be simpler. The twin sign has a beautiful voice and it’s time to let it be heard.

  • Leo

    July 23—Aug 22

    Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac, but they’re always the “mane” attraction in any room. With no planetary influences this month, lions are at their absolute best. This is a “yes” month in which all opportunities should be seized, even an unusual one on the 10th.

  • Libra

    Sept 23—Oct 22

    The scale sign wants to achieve greatness at work even if that means sacrificing well-being. But Libras have chronic health problems and they can’t be ignored this month. Make sure to keep a doctor’s appointment on the 3rd even if it conflicts with a meeting.

  • Pices

    Feb 19—March 20

    There’s nothing narcissistic Neptune likes more than its own reflection. The planet transfers this vanity onto Pisces in February and sudden obsession with appearances could arise. Think twice before acting on any impulse, especially at the salon.

  • Sagittarius

    Nov 22—Dec 21

    Saturn’s 2014-2017 transit through Sagittarius has a big goal: to force busy archers from getting totally overloaded. Embrace “no” and use it when necessary this month. It’s a small word, but it’s the greatest weapon against burn out.

  • Scorpio

    Oct 23—Nov 21

    When mercurial Mars and hotheaded Scorpio combine, the result can be explosive. Keeping that temper in check will be difficult this month, especially on the 7th. To stay zen, bring the heat in a constructive way: by indulging in a soothing hot stone massage.

  • Taurus

    April 20—May 20

    February’s full moon was once the hunger moon because harsh winter weather kept us from gathering the goods for chowing down. But these are the days of bottomless brunch and pre-fixe dinners. Celebrate the full moon on the 22nd by having a sumptuous meal somewhere special.

  • Virgo

    Aug 23—Sept 22

    To NASA, Jupiter’s a gas giant. For Virgos, it’s a massive dose of luck. On the 6th the planet of good fortune helps Virgos shake off the blues and climb out of a rut. By the 27th, Virgos will feel re-energized and ready to face the world with a big smile.