Anthony A. Capetola

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Since 1985, Anthony A. Capetola has led a team of seasoned trial attorneys in a boutique Long Island law firm, concentrating in the areas of family law, corporate law, civil litigation and criminal defense. Having received numerous recognitions and honors for his skill and acumen as a family law practitioner, Capetola is one of the finest practitioners in both Nassau and Suffolk counties.

“We are known to never shy away from a fight. While our clients look to us for guidance and advice, they take comfort in knowing that no one is better than we are in a courtroom,” says Capetola. “In fact, we are often called upon to take over a case once the litigation has taken a turn for the worse, often accomplishing the seemingly impossible.”

In addition to his legal work, Anthony Capetola has a long track record as a successful entrepreneur, boxing promoter, real estate mogul and restaurateur. Capetola has owned in excess of 50 businesses during his career. When he’s not in court, Capetola can often be found at The Carltun on the Park, a high-end restaurant and catering facility he founded in 1995, or his latest venture, The Milleridge Inn.

“Owning and working in various businesses has aided me in representing my divorce clients; I understand the complexities of business valuations; I have the ability to negotiate financial settlements with a level of understanding that most of my peers lack, giving my clients an edge,” Capetola says.