Carolyn Kersch

Samuelson, Hause, Samuelson, Geffner & Kersch, LLP
2016 Top 10 Legal Eagles

March 16 legal eagles_0003_Kersch

Attorneys are often portrayed as ruthless. Because the law is free of emotion, lawyers are forced to act with no discernable sentiment. Carolyn Kersch however, sees things very differently. As one of the premier matrimonial attorneys in the area she recognizes that her clients’ lives have been turned upside down and when they come to her, they need legal guidance with compassion.

Kersch has been through it herself. Following her parents’ acrimonious divorce at a young age, she discovered her desire to become a matrimonial/ family law attorney. Throughout the last decade, she has been determined to provide a more civilized approach to divorce and ensure clients are advised of the impact divorce can have on the entire family, including the children.

Kersch has also continuously volunteered her time and expertise. She has served as a Special Professor of Law for the Family Law with Skills course at her alma mater, Hofstra University. She has also assisted the Hofstra Law Alumni Association with outreach and business development events. In addition, Kersch continues to teach various Continuing Legal Education courses for the Nassau County Bar Association.