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Cloudlake Dentistry + Dermatology
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Kunal_webCloudlake is a state of the art facility offering a full range of dental and dermatology services. Originally from Long Island, this brother-sister team is excited to bring innovative treatments to their local community.

Dr. Kunal Saggar is a board-certified dentist known for his meticulous nature. He earned his dental degree from UB School of Dental Medicine and completed a
rigorous residency program at North Shore University Hospital. He gives lectures on cutting edge dental techniques and the impact of dental health on quality of life. He is an expert in general and cosmetic dentistry providing comprehensive treatment plans.

Dr. Sarika Banker is a board-certified dermatologist known for attention to detail. She earned her medical degree and completed Dermatology residency at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. After residency, she was a Clinical Instructor at UCLA and worked with busy practices in Manhattan and Princeton. She is published in many journals and has given numerous lectures in dermatology. She is an expert in medical and cosmetic dermatology, treating patients of all ages.