Debra Wabnik

Stagg, Terenzi, Confusione & Wabnik
2014 Top 10 Legal Eagles

Google is full of stories about sexting, some funny, some sad.

For Debra Wabnik’s client, sexting became a legal matter. The client terminated an employee for sexting another employee on the job. The terminated employee made a claim against the former employer and Wabnik’s expertise in employment and wage issues brought the matter to a successful resolution.

Wabnik’s caseload spans federal and state employment discrimination statutes, labor, employment, executive compensation and employee benefits. She also represents teachers at disciplinary hearings and provides diversity training.

Wabnik represents clients in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut and in administrative forums such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, NYS Division of Human Rights and the NYS Education Department. Her practice areas include general litigation, employment discrimination, education law, uniform commercial code and banking and credit card litigation.