Dr. Collin E.M. Brathwaite

Winthrop-University Hospital

Apr17_0008_Doctors copyNew York City is one of the nation’s epicenters of world-class healthcare. In U.S. News and World Report’s most recent list of the country’s top 20 hospitals, three were in Manhattan. Yet patients continually leave New York City to travel to Dr. Collin E.M. Brathwaite’s office at Winthrop-University Hospital.

One such patient was a woman suffering from abdominal pain after a bariatric surgery performed in New York. “After being turned away by two different hospitals and prominent surgeons, she searched us out. She had a complex problem, had not been able to eat properly and suffered with pain for years, but we were able to help her.”

Brathwaite is the chairman of surgery, chief of the division of minimally invasive surgery and director of the bariatric surgery program at Winthrop. His focus is on bariatric surgery, which has risen in prominence with the country’s current obesity epidemic. But the Howard University College of Medicine grad views his work far beyond the limited scope of weight loss surgery. “It is not just about weight loss. There is an increasing body of scientific evidence that the procedures we do for weight loss have extensive metabolic consequences beneficial to people.”

Brathwaite is often asked to test some of the newest technologies and witness the latest developments, allowing him and his colleagues to offer state-of-the-art procedures and take on the most challenging of cases. “Some procedures involve a simultaneous combination of endoscopic and robotic surgery. In collaboration with our GI colleagues at Winthrop, we really do offer procedures that are not offered anywhere else in the United States.”