Dr. Jeffrey Schor

PM Pediatrics

Apr17_0004_DoctorsFew physicians are able to impact not just the lives of their patients, but also the healthcare system as a whole. Yet Dr. Jeffrey Schor has done just that. The Amherst and New York Medical College graduate grew disillusioned with parts of the healthcare system after working as the director of the Pediatric ER at New York Hospital Queens for more than 10 years. “Many of the sickest patients I saw in the emergency department were amenable to treatment that could have been delivered in an alternative setting…However, there were no other options…when their pediatrician was not available or when the scope of care was beyond what they could provide.”

To solve this, he cofounded PM Pediatrics in 2005. The business, which has grown to include 20 locations throughout New York, New Jersey and Maryland, acts as a strictly pediatric urgent care provider. Schor and his colleagues, all experts in pediatric health, have delivered first-class care to more than one million patients since opening and plan to treat 400,000 children this year alone.

The high number of patients doesn’t deter Schor, who also earned an MBA from New York University. He is motivated by his young patients’ eternal optimism. “As a medical student, I took care of some very sick children, many with terminal illnesses. I was always struck by the positive attitudes… a joy of life that was so evident, which gave some reprieve from the reality of what was going on.”