Dr. Jennifer DeFazio

Memorial Sloan Kettering

Apr17_0001_DoctorsAccording to the National Cancer Institute, there will be more than 87,000 new cases of melanoma diagnosed across the country in 2017. That makes it the fifth most prevalent form of cancer.

“Given the increasing need for skin cancer prevention and treatment, it is critical to have dermatologists, such as myself, who are committed to addressing this,” said Dr. Jennifer DeFazio, a board certified dermatologist at Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Hauppauge location. DeFazio, who received her medical degree from SUNY Buffalo and completed her dermatology residency at Stony Brook, focuses on diagnosing and treating skin cancer and conditions relating to cancer care. Working at MSK allows her to utilize the most innovative and cutting-edge technologies, including 3-D total-body photography and confocal laser microscopy.

After 10 years at MSK, DeFazio continues to be, “constantly amazed by the complexity of our skin and the many functions it serves in our interactions with the environment.” She uses that passion to forge new research as well as educate medical students and residents through lectures and journal review.