Dr. Lisa Sclafani

Memorial Sloan Kettering

Apr17_0011_doctorsThe idea of building relationships within a hospital may seem foreign, but when your life is on the line, a trusting physician is a sight for sore eyes. As the attending surgeon for breast service and director of surgical services in MSK’s LI Regional Network, Dr. Lisa Sclafani develops long-term relationships with her patients, which drew her to the area of practice. “The surgery and management decisions are well thought out compared to the quick thinking required in trauma. I find these long-term relationships with my patients very satisfying.”

It’s not just the patient-doctor rapport that fuels the NYU Medical School grad, it’s the opportunity to surround herself with the region’s best, which she is able to do at MSK, one of the world’s leading cancer medical institutions. “After nine years of private practice, I missed the academic environment…The give and take with my colleagues enables me to stay current with new advances in the field. I enjoy passing on my knowledge of breast cancer to my patients because an educated patient can make informed decisions and feel empowered to face their cancer with confidence and grit.”

MSK is also an early adopter of recent clinical trials that have changed the treatment paradigm. Sclafani is dedicated to bringing
those techniques from MSK’s home base in Manhattan to Commack and the new, soon-to-be opened Nassau County location.