Dr. Lydia Valderrama

Long Island Women’s Health Care Group

Apr17_0009_doctors copyDr. Lydia Valderrama was drawn to obstetrics and gynecology for the ability to care for patients from adolescence to elder years. “There is a continuity of care not only with my patients, but also within their families. It is very rewarding that I now am delivering to the same woman I delivered years ago.”

That personal, familial connection showed itself early on in Valderrama’s career. More than three decades ago, the Stony Brook Medical School grad diagnosed a patient with an early stage ovarian cancer. Afterward, she brought in several of the patient’s sisters, one who turned out to have the same cancer. “I operated on her sister four weeks later. Both sisters underwent chemotherapy together. Over the last thirty-five years, both women are still alive and still see me each year. The first patient’s daughter began to see me several years ago.”

At Long Island Women’s Health Care Group, Valderrama values her role as both a women’s physician and an OBGYN. “This area of medicine is important because there are still so many women out there who do not have a primary care physician. Even though we are taking care of them as a gynecologist, we also screen our patients to ensure they receive the proper care in all areas of health and we are a liaison to other specialty physicians.”