Dr. Ronda Bachenheimer

Long Island Chiropractic & Wellness Center

Apr17_0005_doctors copyLike every aspiring doctor, Dr. Ronda Bachenheimer knew she wanted to help people. But after witnessing her grandparents fall ill, and ultimately pass away from the side effects of traditional medical intervention, she knew she had to help people achieve optimal health without the use of drugs and surgery.

Now in practice for 31 years, Bachenheimer stays true to the values that led her there. “I am very holistic. I always encourage my patients to stretch, exercise and eat better food. And I always remind people that healing comes from the inside, not the outside. Drugs just alter our body’s chemistry.”

From a scientific standpoint, Bachenheimer employs a “whole person approach,” in which she looks for any causes of disturbance or disruption (which may or may not be causing symptoms
at the time). From there, using the latest chiropractic equipment and technology, she makes interventions to optimize the conditions for normal function. Her success has often led specialists like neurologists and orthopedists to refer their patients to her. And those patients come in all sizes, spanning the age spectrum from babies to seniors, an additional challenge but one that
fuels Bachenheimer.