Dr. Thomas Pappas

St. Francis Hospital

Apr17_0006_doctors copyNearly three decades ago Dr. Thomas Pappas attended the wedding of a close friend when suddenly the bride’s mother suffered cardiac arrest. As a second year resident in internal medicine, Pappas began CPR and continued to resuscitate the woman for approximately 20 minutes until EMS arrived and escorted her to the hospital in stable condition. Moments like this are what brought Pappas to cardiology. “There is no greater feeling than successfully stopping a heart attack and literally saving a patient’s life.”

Pappas, who specializes in interventional cardiology, is equally devoted to preventing heart attacks from occurring. “The field of interventional cardiology is unique in that it gives us the ability to identify which patients are at greatest risk for developing heart attacks while at the same time allows us to intervene and interrupt heart attacks as they occur.” St. Francis Hospital, one of the leading cardiology hospitals in the country, ensures Pappas has access to the latest interventional techniques and research. “We are involved in many clinical trials utilizing the newest equipment and we have become nationally known in the interventional cardiology community.”

Ten years after that wedding, the same woman came to St. Francis needing a stent placed into her major coronary artery. Pappas successfully performed the operation. At age 92, she remains his patient today.