Lawrence P. Krasin, Senior Partner

Edelman, Krasin & Jaye
2015 Top 10 Legal Eagles

Plaintiffs’ personal injury and medical malpractice litigation are just a few of the areas Lawrence Krasin focuses on when representing clients. His experience in property management, rentals and maintenance rounds out his repertoire. Krasin has served his community as a board member of the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America and Walk the Walk, an organization dedicated to fighting elder abuse.

Among his proudest moments is a case many other firms rejected. Krasin successfully represented a 26-year-old electrician against B&G Electrical Contractors. The client was injured while assisting B&G Building Services with work at a Home Depot store and Krasin brought suit against Home Depot and B&G Building Services under labor law and industrial codes. The case was complicated by Home Depot bringing third party actions against both B&G companies for contractual indemnification. After six years of treatments and surgeries, the Workers Compensation Board found Krasin’s client to be permanently disabled. Finally, in the seventh year of the case, Krasin was able to secure a settlement for his client valued at more than $10 million.