Leslie Tayne

Tayne Law Group, P.C.
Melville | 631-470-8204
2016 Top 10 Legal Eagles

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When one of Leslie Tayne’s clients was sued for unpaid doctor’s bills stemming from her daughter’s disability, Tayne intervened. She proved that the child’s estranged father stole medical insurance proceeds and had the matter dismissed. And this is just an example of Tayne’s pro bono work.

Dealing in debt-relief services, most of Tayne’s clients come to her at a vulnerable time. In addition to her nearly 20 years of experience, her firm is one of the few New York State law practices concentrating in debt management and developing alternatives to bankruptcy. Tayne has successfully negotiated settlements with large national banks, credit unions, collection agencies and law firms for credit card companies. Her mission is to reshape debt resolution alternatives. And central to that is providing a supportive and reliable environment that relieves clients of both the stress arising from debts and the burden of a seemingly- endless debt cycle.

Additionally, Tayne has lent her expertise as an active volunteer for The Mortgage Foreclosure Clinic at The Nassau County Bar Association and as a past debt counselor for The Family Services League and Long Island Against Domestic Violence non-profits. Outside of the office, Tayne does extensive philanthropic work. She is actively involved in the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind and launched a specialized Hurricane Sandy Hotline to provide victims with free financial and debt advice.