Peconic Bay Medical Center

Peconic Bay Medical Center
Riverhead, Manville

Unparalleled standards of orthopedic care at Krauss Musculoskeletal Institute

Orthopedic surgery is more than a few days in a hospital. It’s about a lifetime of
comfortable mobility. So choosing a care team is a decision that will affect the rest
of your life. That’s why Peconic Bay Medical Center has gone to great lengths to bring
premier orthopedic care to our community.

Dr. Eugene Krauss is a world-renowned authority in joint replacement. He started the
Krauss Musculoskeletal Institute (KMI) with a dedication to quality care that returns
people to a healthy, active life.

Under his leadership, KMI has assembled a world-class team of orthopedic specialists.
With expertise in total knee and hip replacement and revision, metabolic bone
disease, trauma, sports medicine, spine surgery and rheumatology, the doctors and
staff of KMI are committed to restoring the precious mobility that patients had lost.

KMI’s top-notch doctors and staff work in a modern, state-of-the-art facility that
supports the center’s quality-focused approach to care.

The doctors and staff at KMI follow a simple mantra: when you operate on someone,
they are your patient for life. That’s why they look beyond a surgical procedure, with
the goal of providing a lifetime of health and wellness.