Thomas Stagg

Stagg, Terenzi, Confusione & Wabnik, LLP
Garden City | 516-812-4500
2016 Top 10 Legal Eagles

Thomas Stagg loves the high-stakes environment of the courtroom. He represents clients in areas of commercial, general liability, banking and credit, trust and securities litigation, and he thrives when arguing a case.

Recently, he successfully defended his client and its employees against a claim that they misrepresented the nature of a bond fund investment and the rate of return. Stagg proved that the plaintiffs were fully aware of the investment risks and the specific details of the transaction. In addition, Stagg was able to compel one of the claimants to assert his Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination—and virtually destroy his credibility—by cross-examining the witness about his inflated investment loss.

For good measure, Stagg refuted the allegation that one of the claimants could not fully understand English by subpoenaing her employment records, which proved that her work in the medical field required a full grasp of the language, weakening her credibility and causing her to withdraw her claims.