10 Ways to Sound Smart at a Summer BBQ

The first basketball was actually a soccer ball.

You may be able to tell someone’s gender as they climb steps: women’s hips tend to sway more than do men’s on the way up. (Check it out sometime).

The population of California is greater than that of the entire country of Canada.

Malaria, carried by mosquitoes, is by far the most deadly disease ever known. An estimated half of all the people who have ever lived were killed by it. The mosquito, by the way, is the number one killer of human beings.

It’s true that your nose and ears continue to grow throughout your life. Gravity also helps make them seem larger.

Only two Presidents have ever suspended a writ of habeas corpus (thereby disallowing the release of prisoners): Abraham Lincoln, during the Civil War and Ulysses Grant, in trying to rid South Carolina of the KKK.

The capacity of a blue whale’s lungs is over 1,300 gallons.

Kevin Costner’s first big film was The Big Chill. That’s his hand in the first few minutes of the opening credits. That’s all you see of him during the entire movie.

The West Indian gherkin plant (also known as the burr cucumber) can sense when a quarter-gram thread is laid on its parts. You, on the other hand, probably wouldn’t feel a thing until the thread is two grams.

Developing a uniform for a member of the U.S. military isn’t easy: specifications for buttons are more than 20 pages long.