10 Ways to Sound Smart at a Summer Bash

Pulse cannot guarantee the accuracy of entries on this page, but they will make you sound smart at a cocktail party.

Grass lawns are America’s top irrigated crop.

The shape of an individual grain of sand is an indicator of its age. The rounder the rock, the more erosion cycles it’s been through and the older it is. The oldest sand consists mostly of quartz.

When fireworks are constructed, they are made in layers with specific colors and sounds in mind. Different elements, when burned, create the bang, hiss and pop we all know. Various compounds result in the colors that make us ooh and aah.

Tyra Banks was the first African American woman to appear on the cover of the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated. That was 20 years ago.

Hit the road, Jack. In 1909, Pennsylvania became the first state to set age requirements on drivers: only those 18 and older could drive.

It’s believed that ancient cultures knew the value of sunscreen and used herbs and minerals to that end. Sunscreen as we know it today appeared on the market in the 1930s.

Scandalous! 98 years ago a woman was arrested at Coney Island for wearing a swimsuit under her dress.

The first written ice cream recipe appeared in 1665 (it was flavored with orange flower water). Chocolate didn’t come about until some 30 years later and it took more than a century after that to invent the vanilla scoop.

Three out of five Americans don’t know how to swim.

Though we celebrate Independence Day on July 4, only two of our Founding Fathers actually signed the document on that day. The majority of them signed the Declaration of Independence almost a month later.