9 Facts to Remember for Trivia Night

Pulse cannot guarantee the accuracy of entries on this page, but they will make you sound smart at a cocktail party.

The world’s most visited amusement park is Disney’s Magic Kingdom in Florida.

America’s first divorce was granted in 1643 in Massachusetts when Anne Clark divorced her husband Denis on grounds of abandonment.

The average female millennial in America will spend more than $200,000 on clothing and accessories in her lifetime.

She’ll be able to afford them by surviving on ramen noodles. Some adventurous flavors: broccoli, bacon, bacon-potato, taco, clam chowder, gumbo, lime chicken, Sriracha Chicken, tomato and cheese.

Cover up. It was not socially acceptable for women to wear shorts in public prior to World War II.

After Prince Albert died, Queen Victoria wore black clothing (mandatory for a widow of her time). The difference is that Victorian-era widows were only instructed to wear black for two years after their husbands’ deaths. Victoria wore mourning clothes for the remainder of her 40 years on earth.

The U.S. has the highest population of natural redheads—up to six percent of the world’s redheads. Statistically speaking, redheads have the thinnest hair of all—about 90,000 individual hairs on average, as opposed to brunettes at 110,000 and blondes at 140,000. But who’s counting?

Every minute of every DAY, nearly 150 cubic yards of sand is being manipulated to make sand sculptures.

The movies are wrong! It’s impossible for one person to open an airplane door mid-flight because cabins are pressurized.