What to Watch on Netflix This February

February may be the shortest month of the year, but there’s a ton of new content to watch on Netflix. And as one of the coldest months, staying in to binge-watch isn’t such a bad idea. Get ready for some science fiction, crime and a touch of comedy. There’s also a highly-anticipated revival to keep on your radar.

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Must-See Drama: Altered Carbon, Seven Seconds & Marseille

Netflix has a wide variety of drama series premiering or returning this month. The first is Altered Carbon, a science fiction series set 500 years in the future. Imagine a universe where souls can be stored digitally and downloaded into new bodies. It’s based on the novel of the same name by Richard K. Morgan. Drops Feb. 2

With House of Cards at the end of its run, fans of the political drama might want to check out the French political drama, Marseille. It’s not as captivating as the former title, but it will help fill the hole left behind. Drops Feb. 23

For a change of pace, try the new anthological crime drama Seven Seconds. The first season is expected to spark a lot of conversation as it deals with the aftermath of an accident involving a white officer running over a black teenager. Drops Feb. 23

Feel Good TV: Everything Sucks! & Queer Eye for the Straight Guy

There is also plenty of content to lighten the mood this month. Those who enjoy reinvention, should look no further than Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. In the Netflix reboot, a new group of “Fab Five” gay men will help straight guys renovate their lives. They’ll help fill their lives with more culture, clothes, food, wine and interior design skills. Drops Feb. 7

Anyone hungry for 90s nostalgia should watch Everything Sucks! The high school comedy, set in 1996, reveals what happens when misfits collide and the AV club has to collaborate with the drama club. Drops Feb. 16

Movie Night: On Body and Soul & The Trader 

Oscars season is almost upon us and Netflix wants in on the action. The Hungarian original film On Body and Soul was the country’s first entry into the awards. It’s about two slaughterhouse workers who discover they share the same unusual dreams. It also won a Golden Bear for best film at the Berlin International Film Festival. Drops Feb. 21

The Trader is an award-winning documentary shot about a man that sells secondhand items out of a minibus while traveling through the country of Georgia. Drops Feb. 9

esme mazzeo

esme mazzeo

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