What to Watch on Netflix This April

March came in like a lion, but it’s sure not going out like a lamb. So, who knows what April brings? Netflix has tons of quality content to help pass any rainy days on the couch this month. There’s a plethora of documentaries covering everything from politics to pastries, a movie for nearly every taste and a highly anticipated sci-fi series.

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What’s Up, Doc?

Netflix has long been breathing new life into the documentary genre and this month is no different. First up is Fastest Car (April 6), a reality competition pinning gearheads against each other to determine what sleeper-turned-super car owns the streets. Also coming is Ram Dass: Going Home (April 6). In the film, the spiritual teacher reflects on life as he approaches death. On a sweeter note, a spin-off of the foodie favorite series Chef’s Table arrives mid-month. Chef’s Table Pastry (April 13) will introduce us to inspiring dessert masters from around the world. Season 2 of the hit series Dope (April 20) chronicles the drug war from different perspectives. The documentary film Mercury 13 (April 20) tells the story of the women who tested for spaceflight in 1961, but were denied the chance to become astronauts, as only men were chosen. If you have a passion for politics, don’t miss Bobby Kennedy for President (April 27), a series which examines his life and influence on an era.

Real Talk

The network has two notable standup specials this month. Comedian Fary will talk about stereotypes and dating in his special Fary is the New Black (April 3). There’s also a new special from Greg Davies titled You Magnificent Beast (April 10). And sandwiched between the two is My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman (April 6). His guest this month: Jay-Z.

Movie Night

April is a particularly robust movie release month on Netflix, and we’re not complaining. The Boss Baby: Back in Business (April 6) drops without big names like Alec Baldwin behind it. Sun Dogs (April 6) is a comedy about a man with a misguided dream to join the Marines and the adventure it leads him on with friends. It stars Michael Angarano, Oscar winner Allison Janney, Melissa Benoist and Jennifer Morrison. 6 Balloons (April 6) is a Netflix original starring Dave Franco as a heroin addict whose sister (Abbi Jacobson) enables him. Amateur (April 6) is about a young basketball player’s struggle to succeed at the game while trapped in a system filled with greed. Come Sunday (April 13) is based on the true story of Bishop Carlton Pearson, who went from a respected religious leader to a heretic for preaching that there is no Hell. Last but not least is The Week Of (April 27), which Adam Sandler and Chris Rock filmed at Gold Coast Studios in Glen Cove. The comedy legends play fathers gearing up for the upcoming nuptials of their children.

Original Series

Netflix never disappoints when it comes to original series. Troy: Fall of a City (April 6) follows Paris on his journey to find the woman promised to him by Aphrodite, thus telling the story of the Trojan War. The 4th Company (April 6) takes place at a violent prison, where a corrupt administration uses a football team as enforcers. One of the most hyped series this month is Lost in Space (April 13), which follows the Robinson family on their mission to colonize space. They go off-course and crash on a lost planet. In Le Chalet (April 17), friends go on an adventure in the French Alps and get caught in a deadly trap. Get ready for season 2 of 3% (April 27), which is set in a future where only a select few are allowed to escape the slums and live on an island paradise.

esme mazzeo

esme mazzeo

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