Pop Goes Summer Style

Pop Art evokes a sense of fun and fantasy wherever it is used—in art, fashion or design. And its influence in fashion is as hot as ever, adding bright, cheerful colors to summer wardrobes no matter what the base silhouette or ensemble is.

Embracing the highly saturated hues and whimsical, unpredictable patterns is a bold move in self-expression, and designers are turning to those best-versed in the style to create their latest offerings. Artist James Jean and his comic book illustrations have inspired new collaborative prints for PRADA. And Sue Tilley’s sketches of household objects have taken residence at FENDI. LOUIS VUITTON’s one-of-a-kind craftsmanship and bold graphics found surefooting in its mules to create a luxe streetwear sensibility from the ground up.

This wearable artform defines individuality and can be carried into one’s everyday life and travel. Like the rulebreakers who created the style, there are no boundaries in how and when to apply the motif. It effortlessly caters to all kinds of summer fun.