Futuristic Air

Summer fashion often entails a cultivation of designs that introduce elements of nature. With the use of plastic, PVC and transparent textiles along with the intermixing of floral and lighter watercolor characteristics, this new trend is able to depict nature’s powerful beauty in a fresh, clear perspective. The use of plastic also alludes to a lighter “airy” aesthetic.

VALENTINO’s futuristic PVC moto can be styled differently every time. This sequin and embellished statement piece can be worn day or night, rain or shine. This staple can also be layered in a variety of playful ways.

The CHANEL clear necklace represents elements of water and light in a bubble-like form, incorporating the airy aesthetic that ties back into the grounding elements of the statement jacket.

Crystal PVC heels by CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN represent reflections of sunlight which then literally “step” and transform themselves into the nights’ majestic starry skyline.

In essence, these pieces portray nature’s raw, organic and powerful beauty in conjunction with our bright and mysterious future.