VIDEO: The Force Finishes with ‘Only Human’

On Monday, The Force released the final music video in their four part EP. “Only Human” shows how far Anthony Natoli has expanded his creativity from the first video “Solution,” a winter journey from Montauk to the top of the Empire State Building. Then came spring with “Only the Lonely,” a story about a road trip across the United States encouraging more people to say “I love you.” The Force’s third video was “Yours.” The summer-themed video was inspired by the way Natoli’s grandmother made his grandfather chase her all throughout life.

Natoli’s goal was to tell more than a story with his final video. He wanted to say something. His inspiration came to him while doing dishes and listening to his uncle play guitar.

“I could hear the fibers of the house resonating with his notes. I was curious how all those little pieces over time have affected my creative output,” Natoli said. “Then I said to myself ‘What happens when the music stops?’ when someone isn’t there anymore. It was sad but so real and when I think of fall, that’s it. That’s the end of the year, the death… Does something really die? Or does one facet of that energy just stop operating?”

Natoli describes the story as a butterfly effect, using what he knows about how music can affect people and can resonate long after it’s been created.

Natoli’s grandmother passed away just before the third video, “Yours” was finished. During the process of shooting the fourth video, he said, “My grandmother’s house was being sold and was staged as they like to say, so it looked like the perfect backdrop for the story.” He used Shannon McBride and Jacob Bitzer from “Yours” again,  as well as Natoli’s guitar student, Lucas Giordano, and his cousin Michael Hopkins to play the character growing up. They tell the story of a boy who grows up listening to a song and it takes him back in time to dark and beautiful memories.

The video was shot with the iPhone 6 again, but with a small steadicam. It allowed Natoli to get better shots with the lightweight and sometimes unsteady phone.

Natoli will be entering his work into the Long Island Film Festival and The Long Island Film Expo this year. In addition to writing more songs, he will be finishing a script he’s been working on and hopes to film it in a similar DIY fashion with more of his community in Valley Stream and Long Island

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