Six Harbors Brewing Company Docks in Huntington

Visitors to the new Six Harbors Brewing in Huntington need not wait long to discover the company’s namesake. There are six house-brewed cans each named after one of the distinct waterways of Huntington.

“My wife and I have been boating since we were kids, and the fact we live just a quarter mile from the harbor, that water element was easy [inspiration],” said owner Mark Heuwetter, who opened the brewery in May with his wife Karen.

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Visitors will find brews like the Huntington Harbor Hoppy with floral notes upfront, Lloyd Harbor Lager and Centerport Pilsner—to name a few. Along with the traditional six harbor beers are two new offerings for the season. The Whale Whitman White Extra Pale Ale is made with 30 percent wheat, which cuts down on the bitterness of a pale ale. It is hop forward, yet has floral notes of grapefruit. And the Bay Hills Blues Blueberry Wheat is perfect for the summer months. It is not too dry, but not too sweet and has just the right amount of blueberry.

Located just a stone’s throw from the center of town, the tasting room rides with Huntington’s trendy vibe. Boasting industrial contemporary surroundings, visitors can sip amidst stainless steel table tops, wooden barrels that double as communal tables and garage door windows.

Six Harbors also features a private meeting room that can be rented out for corporate tasting events, bachelor/bachelorette parties or just a meeting of friends. For special occasions, Mark suggested stopping by and crafting your own recipe that can be canned for the event—an element that’s especially popular for this upcoming wedding season.

“It’s a very warm and comforting environment, just like a sailor heading into a harbor to get away from a storm.”

Six Harbors is located at 243 New York Avenue in Huntington.